What is a Ti-VCT Engine?

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The powertrain under the hood of a Ford vehicle is a veritable labyrinth of machinery. Electrical components, hoses, filters, and fluids complete the entire mechanism that ensures your Ford is the most reliable form of transportation you’ve ever invested in.

Sometimes you get a variety of options that provide a different degree of efficiency and power for your Ford vehicle. Among the crowning achievements of Ford engineering is the Ti-VCT engine. Boy, that sounds fancy, but what does that exactly mean for your daily driving? How does VCT work? Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne has the answers below.

How Does VCT Work?

So, how does VCT work? VCT stands for Variable Camshaft Tuning. Using electrically-controlled hydraulic valves, it directs engine oil into the camshaft phaser cavity. So, it uses an electrical signal to send a message to the solenoids to regulate the oil flow through your valve spools.

But what does that mean out on the road? In short, the Ford-developed system gives you a more efficient engine performance, reduces emissions from your Ford vehicle, and increases your fuel economy. It also maximizes torque and power while limiting the amount of fuel your Ford vehicle consumes. That is why Ford vehicles are among the most economical models, as a group, when it comes to fuel consumption.

Which Ford Models Have a Ti-VCT Engine?

The legendary Ford F-150 is one model that has a VCT engine as an option. It comes in the form of a 3.5L V6 or 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine. “TI” stands for Twin Independent. It is a variation that gives you even more power, thanks to its ability to slow the timing of the intake and exhaust camshafts at the same time. To give you a sense of its power, the iconic Ford Mustang is equipped with a 2.3-Liter EcoBoost Twin-Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) engine.

When you see the EcoBoost brand on a Ford model, you know it is powered by an efficient and economical VCT engine—and it will most likely be the newest generation, the Ti-VCT engine. When you are looking for a new vehicle and value power and fuel savings, look for a model moved by the Ti-VCT engine. You will immediately reap the benefits.

Learn More About Ford Engineering with Landers McLarty Ford!

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