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We Buy Used Cars in Fort Payne, AL

Are you interested in selling your car? Our Ford dealership may be interested in buying it. We do sell used cars outside of the Ford brand, as our customers have wide consumer interests. At Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne, we'd appreciate the chance to add your vehicle to our inventory. And you'll likely enjoy how easy we make the process work.

Selling a Car Made Easy

We don't complicate matters when it comes to buying your vehicle. At our dealership, we provide an offer on your vehicle. We won't be overly rigid when dealing with sellers, as we're willing to negotiate the final price. We do stay in the proverbial ballpark of values in established resource lists.

The sales process moves along smoothly once you accept the offer. We assist with the steps required to transfer ownership, which takes burdens off a seller's shoulders.

What Is the Car Worth?

Ford and other manufacturers produced untold numbers of cars over the years. Each model has a value based on demand and other factors. Make, model, and year provide a core origination point to figure the value. Previous accident history, wear and tear, and mileage all further contribute to worth. Expect a reasonable offer on the vehicle based on the different factors.

Why Sell On A Listing

Yes, some services allow you to list a car and set a price. The internet makes it easy to sell anything, including a car. Selling a car comes with more complexities than selling other personal belongings. Have you thought about the liability issues possible if the car runs into problems? Do you want to deal with complaints? And who wants to suffer through people not showing up for appointments or never being serious in the first place. Selling to our dealership in Fort Payne should turn out a lot more productive.

Trade-ins and Buys at Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne

We also encourage trade-in requests. If you want to buy another Ford, we can usually accept a trade-in as part of the deal. Call our office in Fort Payne to discuss sales or trade-ins today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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