The new Ford F-150 comes equipped with Auto Start-Stop technology that saves gas, money, and the planet. How? Let the Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne team share the benefits of this innovative technology with you.

How Does the Engine of the Ford F-150 Start and Stop Automatically?

The Auto Start-Stop function refers to the Ford F-150's engine. When you come to a complete stop on Rome, GA streets, the Ford F-150's engine automatically shuts off. The automatic shutdown of your engine improves your fuel economy and puts more money in your pocket while reducing greenhouse gases. The Auto Start-Stop Technology feature activates when you press and hold the brake pedal. Your engine automatically restarts when you lift your foot off the brake pedal. The switch happens so smoothly and seamlessly that you and your passengers may not notice that the shutdown even happened.

How Do You Turn Auto Start-Stop Technology On?

The Ford F-150 Auto Start-Stop feature always activates when you turn your key in the ignition. The system only deactivates if you press the Auto Start-Stop off button, typically located on the dashboard. When you press the brake and come to a full stop, an Engine Stopped message appears in the digital cluster, alerting you that Auto Start-Stop engaged.

Occasions When Ford F-150 Overrides Auto Start-Stop

Your Ford F-150 may need to override the Auto Start-Stop feature during certain events. If you come to a stop when you need full-force air conditioning or heat, or your truck needs to charge your battery or warm up the engine, the Ford F-150 automatically overrides the Auto Start-Stop Technology feature. In general, the activation of Auto Start-Stop deactivates the Ford F-150 Electric Power-Assisted Steering. To compensate for the potential number of starts and stops in Gadsden, all enabled Ford vehicles have heavy-duty starters and batteries.

Other Trend-Forward Ford Technology Features

The Ford F-150's Auto Start-Stop technology feature serves as one of many tech and safety features that set this pickup truck apart from the competition in Albertville, AL. Late models have a spacious, symmetrical, and comfortably-appointed cabin. A large dash dominates, its central stack presenting a huge 12-inch screen showcasing the award-winning SYNC 4 infotainment platform.

The screen remains touch-controlled, of course. Customer-driven, SYNC 4 offers a trend-forward experience, thanks to cloud-based connectivity and over-the-air updates. The SYNC 4 platform allows smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you customizable entertainment for your Boaz adventures. Integration puts hands-free control of your phone via SYNC 4 at your fingertips to:

  • Make/receive hands-free calls
  • Send hands-free texts
  • Hear incoming texts read aloud to you
  • Interact with Siri or Google Assistant
  • Enjoy cloud-connected navigation
  • Find restaurants in Centre

You also have access to the Ford F-150 FordPass Connect app. The Ford F-150 treats your phone as a mobile command center. You can:

  • Lock/unlock the doors
  • Start/stop the engine remotely
  • Locate your Ford F-150 in a crowded parking lot
  • Check vehicle status
  • Check fuel levels and oil life

The Ford F-150's FordPass also issues automatic vehicle health alerts, giving you a heads up you need routine service. If you have questions about your recommended maintenance schedule, service history, and warranty coverage, FordPass supplies all the info with a few swipes of your finger.

We welcome you to come to Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne to discuss the technology of the new F-150 with a knowledgeable member of our Ford sales team. We look forward to pairing you up with a reliable work truck for your Fort Payne adventures!

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