With the Ford Bronco set to be released for the first time since 1996, many people are excited about the prospect of owning one once again. The beloved vehicle has had an interesting history, and those of us at Landers McLarty Ford are pleased to share it with you.

Originating in the 1960s, the Ford Bronco was Ford's first off-road vehicle. It was deemed a more versatile four-wheel-drive option than Jeep's CJ and the International Harvester Scout. The Bronco entered the picture in wagon, pick-up, and roadster body styles. All of them equipped with two doors. Ford's production plants in Wayne, Michigan, and Valencia, Venezuela handled the bulk of the Bronco's production.

A Ford Icon

The early Ford Broncos featured manual transmissions and standard inline-six engines. There was a range of optional features in the early days of production, but things like power steering and an automatic gearbox wouldn't be available until the late 1970s. The second-generation of the Bronco came to be in 1978. It would last a couple of years before the third-generation Bronco was born in 1980. The third-generation Bronco had an independent front suspension which is perfect for driving through Fort Payne.

The compact Bronco II came to be in 1983, lasting until 1990. Coming standard with all-wheel-drive, the Bronco II is much smaller than the full-size Bronco. The fourth-generation Bronco is unveiled in 1987, with standard features such as rear-wheel ABS. The fifth-generation Bronco debuts in 1992. The Bronco remains a full-size, two-door vehicle despite four-door utility vehicles becoming increasingly popular among consumers of the time.

Ford initially retired the vehicle in 1996, but not before the infamous images of OJ Simpson avoiding police in a white Bronco are ingrained in popular culture forever. The upcoming sixth-generation Bronco has many fans eager to see what is in store for the admired vehicle from Ford. The Bronco is remembered for being a rugged, go-anywhere vehicle. The anticipated sixth-generation model will surely grasp the adventurous spirit found in prior generations. Those of us in Fort Payne are truly excited for the Bronco to be produced once again. The wait is almost over as Ford will soon unveil the new Bronco.

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