There is never a good time to discover that your car has a bad battery. If you think the battery on your car needs replacement we want to invite you down to our service center here at Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne. We can help with battery testing and replacement.

Replacing a Car Battery in Fort Payne, AL

Batteries are one of the parts on your car that require replacement from time to time. There is no way around this. Batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time. Most car batteries have a maximum lifespan of five to six years.

A weak car battery will have trouble starting your car. You may notice that the ignition drags or starts slowly. A bad battery can go dead often and fail to hold a charge once you have recharged it or jumped it with battery cables. When these things begin to happen you should consider a new car battery.

How Our Service Center Can Help

Our service center specializes in all forms of vehicle maintenance. When you enlist our aid to replace your car's battery we will begin by testing the old battery to make sure it is bad. This test only takes a few moments.

If a replacement battery is needed our service team will discuss all of the options. We can provide you with access to most of the best car battery manufacturers. After you choose a battery we will install it for you. Our team will work fast so that you can get back to the business of your life.

Call or visit us today at Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne. Our service center is also able to help with other car service and maintenance issues. We have a friendly team that is happy to answer any service questions that you may have.

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