What do you do when the car you love is no longer in production but needs service? If you have the Ford Fiesta, you bring it to Landers McLarty Ford in Fort Payne, AL. 2019 was the final year in production for this classic subcompact. But we know there are still hundreds on the road near Fort Payne that deserve just as much attention when it comes time to get parts and service.

You drive your Ford Fiesta everywhere. We don't blame it. It is fun to drive. But all that driving takes a toll on your brakes. You may start noticing a grinding, screeching, or squealing noise coming from your brakes. Or you might have to push even further down to come to a complete stop. If so, it is time to address your brake pads. That is when you bring it to the team at Landers McLarty Ford.

No matter what year your Ford Fiesta was produced or when you bought it, our team is equipped to handle your brake pad replacement. Access to Ford factory-direct parts and tools make each brake pad replacement an in and out process for you. That makes for a worry-free day. Schedule your service visit with Landers McLarty Ford's service team, and we will come to you. We'll pick up your Fiesta and take it to our service center in Fort Payne, AL, replace your brake pads and bring it right back to you. No need to risk your health. It is our way of making sure you are protected, and your car is taken care of and gets the TLC it needs.

The Fiesta isn't over. It lives on at Landers McLarty Ford. When it is time to get your brake pads replaced, trust the service team in Fort Payne, AL to have the parts you need to keep you safe on the road.

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