The Ford Bronco is making a comeback in an impactful way. The exterior has a rugged appearance from the large tires to the prominent grille. Inside the SUV, you'll find that the seats are quite comfortable and that several modern technology features bring this classic into today's times. While taking a walk around the Bronco upon its arrival to Landers McLarty Ford of Fort Payne, you'll notice that the vehicle has several features that give it a retro design from the first models that were made. To learn more continue reading.

What to Expect in the New Ford Bronco

One detail to keep in mind is that the Bronco won't have a V8 option for 2021. While this won't give you the power that you might expect from this type of vehicle, it will result in better fuel mileage.

If you enjoy manual transmissions, then you'll likely enjoy the new Bronco. Aside from the seven-speed transmission, Ford has incorporated a crawler gear to make it a bit easier for navigating steep terrain if you choose to go off-roading in Fort Payne. Although the fuel efficiency is expected to be exceptional for the size of the Bronco, there hasn't been a test for the vehicle due to it being a new model.

For an authentic off-road experience, you can remove the doors and the roof, letting the wind blow through your hair even when you travel on city streets. Many of the features inside the Bronco are based on past designs including the stitching on the seats and the steering wheel.

Many of the parts under the hood and inside the SUV are designed so that they are waterproof as well! The touchscreen in the Bronco is centrally located to allow for easy access for the driver and the front passenger. Various toggle switches can be found in the Bronco instead of a lot of knobs and buttons. Sync 4 is a system that delivers updates over the internet as well as cloud and smartphone connections.

The 2021 Ford Bronco is one of our most exciting new SUVs coming soon, and if you are an outdoor enthusiast this might be the model for you! Contact us today for arrival dates and further information.

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