Choose Landers McLarty Ford for Your Next Oil Change Near Gadsden

Your vehicle takes you where you need to go, protects you from the elements, and transports your stuff. It’s an enormous convenience that makes your life a little easier, but it can be easy to take its trouble-free operation for granted. Your car’s engine is a complex and high-powered machine with many moving parts. If it isn’t properly taken care of it can quickly accumulate excessive wear and tear that can lead to irreparable damage. Fortunately, giving it the regular tlc it requires is easy.

The best way to keep your car, truck, or SUV running as long as possible is to keep up with regular oil changes. The fast-moving pistons of your vehicle’s engine need constant lubrication to reduce the friction caused by metal-on-metal contact. This oil is constantly picking up degree and microscopic fragments of metal that limit its effectiveness over time. So, it’s important to check the level and color of your oil regularly, and change it at manufacturer-recommended intervals.

If it’s time to refresh the oil in your ride, you can trust in the expertise of our Fort Payne service center. Our expert technicians know your Ford vehicle inside and out, and they can help explain the steps to follow to keep it in tip-top shape. You can learn more about changing your oil, view current oil change offers, and even schedule an appointment ahead of time, right here on our website. We’ll be happy to be of assistance.

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