When it comes to servicing your diesel truck you want a team that knows diesel technology. Our dealership's service team is experienced and trained to ensure your diesel truck is running the way it should be. From basic maintenance to larger issues, we have the team and the tools to get your truck running back to normal efficiently. Servicing a diesel truck isn't just fixing any old truck. It requires more specific work, which we are ready to perform. This is why you should choose us to service your diesel truck.

Four Tips for Diesel Engine Maintenance

Turbochargers are a large part of making your diesel truck run efficiently. To maintain the maximum life and performance on your induction system, there are a few simple ways to make sure this does not fail.

  • To start, always let your vehicle tart up and idle for a few minutes. By allowing time for your oil to reach all the nooks and crannies inside of your engine, the turbo is just one of the major parts that the oil must reach for maximum efficiency.
  • There are two main fuels you will typically see, ULSD and biodiesel. But, no matter what one is available to you, a diesel fuel additive is always necessary. This will ensure you keep injectors flowing at full capacity, with a nice even spray pattern.
  • We offer filter changes, which is another important maintenance need for diesel trucks. Diesel oil changes are critical because diesel engines are high heat running motors. Engine oil life depends on how often the truck is driven and the conditions which it is being used. We recommend OEM oil changes to keep your engine running properly.
  • Diesel Coolant and Additive are another important part of diesel truck maintenance. Again, we stress the use of OEM coolant and additives. With the use of the proper coolant, it will leave you with a long lasting truck.

Schedule service with us today! And we will get your diesel truck back on the road in no time!

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